Maggie Markel: Blog en-us (C) Maggie Markel [email protected] (Maggie Markel) Sat, 13 Feb 2021 20:32:00 GMT Sat, 13 Feb 2021 20:32:00 GMT Maggie Markel: Blog 80 120 What do I WEAR? One of the most popular questions I hear from every client, is..."What should we wear?" 

So, to help you weed through all of the Pinterest posts and mixed photos that come up on your google search;  I've put together some tips and inspiration boards. I know the stress of wanting to look your best but not knowing where to even begin with clothing for your family's session. I am also always here to help! You can take a picture of your outfit ideas and email or text them to me! 


Some tips to help get you started:

1. Plan ahead! If you've already scheduled your session and it's 2-3 weeks away, start planning now!

2. Coordinate. Don't Match. Long gone are the days of white shirts and khaki's. Choose complimenting colors with a theme. 

3. Use neutral colors as a base foundation to start (Ivory, gray, beige) and then add pops of coordinating colors. This is a great way to start adding patterns using the colors you've chosen, like a stripe or plaid. But don't do a pattern for every member of the family; it will be too overbearing on the eyes.

4. Start with one person and then start building the complimenting pieces for others. Once you have one complete outfit, it's easier to see the bigger picture (no pun intended!). Usually starting with mom or daughter (if you have a girl), is easiest since there are more patterns, colors and clothing options & accessories to incorporate!

5. And speaking of accessories; girls aren't the only ones with cute accessories. Boys can use suspenders, bow ties, cute newsboy hats and vests to add layering and interest to the outfit. 

6. Layer!! Use Vests, scarves & jackets as an intentional piece to add color, texture and even function (especially on those chilly mornings!)


Some things to avoid: 

1. Bright white (it's harsh, try off-white, ivory or beige)

2. Neon colors (it will cause weird color casts on skin tones)

3. Brand logos (they distract from your face)

For men...Avoid sneakers and t-shirts. 

What to think about:

1. Weather is an important factor to consider. If the temperature is going to be chilly, like many fall days; consider wearing a jacket that works within the color scheme you've selected. Below is a photo of clients who did this, and it looks beautiful! They were all comfortable and no one was upset about being cold!

2. Shoes are often forgotten or overlooked. But they are almost one of the most important accessories, if not THE most important. Shoes provide comfort, style, and can pull together the whole outfit. Please double check if your little one has outgrown their dressier shoe or boot, it won't be comfortable and can cause room for complaining. 

For more inspiration and colors that are trending for fall 2019, please visit my Pinterest board "Fall Family Style" @maggiemarkm or click the link 👉🏼

And I'll leave you with one last thing to consider which is also very important; especially maybe for the moms...Make sure you feel good in whatever you choose! find that thing in your closet that makes you feel good. Maybe you have an amazing pair of jeans or a really flattering shirt or dress that makes you feel fabulous and that's what you build your look from! 

Maggie Markel

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When you just don't know


When you just don't know if the little ones will hang in there for a photo shoot or if they'll even want to look at the camera, you sometimes get worried. Well, this day was no different so I went pretty far away from them so they could have a moment with mom and dad, without me near. I laid down on my stomach and started taking pictures of whatever they were doing. The lighting, the expressions and the carefree moment was priceless. SCORE!


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